A slice about me

This is a short break from posts to show you a current playlist of mine revealing the various genres I listen to. Punk isn't the only one.

1. State of Emergency-Reality Control
2. Intro-Tears of Destruction
3. Butchery-Sanction
4. Slogun-SPK.
5. Kundalini- 23 Skidoo
6. Bold as Love-Jimi Hendrix
7. Runaway- Del Shannon
8. Elm-The Seatbelts
9. Another Green World- Brian Eno
10. Mushroom-Can
11. Guts on the Floor-Throbbing Gristle
12. Glass Finger-Empty Quarter
13. Wladimir's March-Vlad Tepes
14. G. S. Command-Vermyapre Kommando
15. Struggling through Darkness-Alternative
16. Little Bit More-Zounds
17. Blind Reality-Youth in Asia
18. Remote Control-Toxic Shock
19. More Whitewashing-Chumbawamba
20. Wake up the Red King- Karma Sutra
21. Prisoner of Love-Rezurex
22. The Village-New Order
22. This Week-The Adicts
23. Brides of the Beast- Major Accident


     Atrox formed after Shock the System lost Brian and Andy. They were replaced by Hardye's boys, Mark Hodder and Charlie Mason on dual vocals, and Paul chambers joining in on bass. They quickly changed their name to Atrox. Atrox means 'shocking to society'.

     Atrox then recorded their 'Hot the Oxide!' demo from their own 'Xorta Tapes', during early March 1984 at Moniker Studios, Milborne Port, Dorset. Mark Hodder then left to pursue college, but stayed long enough to play a gig supporting the Subhumans and Self Abuse at Bournemouth's Winton Continental Cinema, July 1984.

     In late November 1984, Atrox recorded their second demo titled 'Screaming at Deaf Ears'. It was recorded the same way the first one was. During the beginning of 1985, Shaun Hemsley, a friend of Paul, joined the band as second vocalist. Then, two tracks from their second demo where included in a compilation called 'Party Pooping Punk Provocations'.

     Atrox continued to play more gigs, but Charlie left the band to stay in school. He played his last gig with them at Southampton's West Indian Club, supporting Pale Shade of Black. The remaining members of Atrox wanted to continue, so they changed their name to 'Hate that Smile', who later became 'Shot Away' and then Wordbug. Paul Simmons moved to Manchester and formed Stretch. Atrox may have disappeared, but the band members continued on musically.

"Protest with Action"

We protest about this and we protest about that,
but in the end it doesn't seem to alter the fact
that the injustices and wrongs that we're trying to change
nearly always end up, remaining the same.

Screaming at a brick wall.
Shouting at deaf ears.
Screaming at a brick wall.
They choose not to hear.

So to implement change, talk isn't enough
and obviously the going is going to get rough.
But action is needed in addition to our words.
By being more direct, we can reap the rewards.

'Stop the City' has succeeded in showing the nation
that we're prepared to take things further if we ant alterations.
if our voices are ignored, we refuse to call a halt.
we all must band together to rectify the faults.

Unity is vital if we're to achieve our aims.
termination of exploitation, war and money - death games.
Let's increase physical protest and 'direct action'
and progress towards some sort of positive reaction.

"Blind Acceptance"

You blindly accept that war is 'right'.
You rush to the sound of a raging street fight.
How can you sit back and watch the world go by?
If we were all like you, we'd surely die.

Depression sets in from watching the news
hidden by smiles to keep you confused.
you get a whole hour on channel four,
'Turn over love I can't take anymore."

While children die starving in distant lands,
you hustle and bustle for a better brand.
Forgetting about the needs of those so poor
As you ask your boss for a little bit more.

Sitting at home with a nice warm fire.
A documentary and words of a liar.
Stay at home and enjoy yourselves,
'we've done what we can, it's up to someone else'

"Is This tomorrow or the end of time?"

Woke up this morning, rubbed the dust from my eyes.
Had to live again the life I despise.
No use pretending that I was born free.
I was given eyes but they're not to see.

Drew back the curtains to view the outside,
and to my disbelief realized the world had died.
Couldn't understand why I was alive,
and there was no one to hear my fear fraught cry.

Land was so desolate nothing was there.
Not a sound could be heard to hide my despair.
Now I was free, free from all pain.
This freedom's enough to drive me insane.

The deadly mist falls lower to kill,
and then I lost all myself controlled will.
The window seemed the safest way.
a quick way to whisk my life away.

Woke up this morning, another nightmare ended.
Another boring day has since descended.


Eyes that once used to see through,
now exploited for an evil purpose that's new.
The owner is alive, but in hours will be dead
as the agony of vivisection rips through its head.

(Chorus) Once seeing, now blind, soon dead.
The fluid running down the face is warm and red.

Why the suffering, why the pain?
A mindless pointless exercise with no apparent gain.
Except to satisfy the lust of those who find pleasure
comes from making animals blind.

The torture doesn't end there in fact it's just begun.
Excruciating torment, it's all part of their fun.
There is no justification for any animal having to die.
Just to prove it hurts getting shampoo in your eyes.

The perpetrators argue that it's in the name of science,
but in fact it's just a case of gross moral defiance.
To continue letting companies, subject creatures to hell
will mean that with their product they're selling death as well.

"Under the Influence"

You're lost in a world of your own.
The realm of insanity, where your mind is blown.
Taking the substance, an easy way out?
Your time will come is there any doubt?

The realm of acid the happy place?
You can't be part of the human race.
Is it worth the trip the mindless thrill?
And do you believe me when I say it can kill?

You say you can control the high intake.
It might be too late to confess your mistake.

You say it seems that you're that way inclined.
Aren't you aware? You're slipping, are you blind?

Lost forever in a sea of discontent.
You could return repent, repent.
You've taken virtually all you can.
Taking more is that your plan?

The brain invasion has infested your mind.
Your body doesn't respond, it's been left behind.
Sucked you in your face looks drawn.
Pale skin on a skull twisted with scorn.

You wake up in the morning
and it's pissing down outside.
You have to face the clock,
it's lying by your side.
You have to get up early
For the early morning shift.
Your friendly powdered substance
To give you that little lift.

"Elitist Prey"

No regret for the people you've killed.
You only interest, the empire you build.
sweet suburbia your home from home.
You only escape from your warmongers throne.

Teaching your son the 'proper' way.
How to make fellow man the elitist prey.
'People are profit' and 'profit is power'.
The power's abused from your mental power.

The depredated land, is power in you in had.

People live in squalor
while you worry about the dollar.
no feelings, no regret.
With all your money, you can just forget.

(Hit the Oxide lyrics coming soon)

Soon to come downloads:

Hit the Oxide! 1984
Screaming at Deaf Ears 1984(First time ever uploaded on Internet)

Shock the System

          In July of 1982, drummer/vocalist Alex Alex Vann(ex-Chaotic Disorder), guitarist/vocalist Dave Redfern and bassist Alex Russell helped form Shock the System. Later on, Andy Gouldson replaced one of them. In late 1982, Bryan Brown from Manic stepped to front the band, and Paul Simmons from Screaming Disorder also joined in on second guitar. Shock the System played their first gig at the Hardye's Boys School that they all attended at the time.

     On July 14th, 1983, Shock the System recorded their only demo title 'The Last Breathe for Humanity', using their school's four-track recorder. It made the most sales when they played with Anthrax, Naked and Mad are Sane. They also held a beach party with Omega Tribe, but the police stopped it half way. Unfortunately, Shock the System then played their final gig on Friday 21st October, 1983, at Bournenmouth's Chrsitchurch Regent Centre, with Self Abuse, Idiom Tribe, and Admass. Soon after this, the band lost some of its members but gained new ones, thus killing the name Sock the System, letting them evolve into Atrox.

'Religious Rejection'

The church is kind the church is good
I'm an Anglican because I know I should
I know the lord condones my sins
and convokes us at the ending ...... Nihilist.

A new concept for the lord
A war here and there because he's bored
He loves his children until the end
but if you Disobey he'll drive you round
the bend

You morals are rubbish lies
I realize as I open my eyes
You copulate up in the sky
The coming of religion is blown sky high

Vietnam war in '68
Religion tried to help but came too late
Just another life for you to consort
You play with it in your holy court.

Today religion is dogma; why?
'cos there great authority says; that's why
but I've found freedom behind the door
I won't take your morals any more.

'Last Flight of the Phoenix'

The revelation of '45 is flowing through
my brain
The screaming children, burning red are
running once again
The sun is cold and the rain is hot and
the snow will never come
and the last breathe for humanity has
only just begun.

(c) The fire bird has exploded and the clouds
will start to boil
The dogma of the repugnant life is dying
with us all.

The apocalypse has finally dawned and the
blood runs deep in the street
There are thousands chanting "sorry God"
and bowing at his feet
The love of many people has finally been
kicked down
And the Resurrection of mother Earth will
never ever come.

Your God has thrown your Earth away and
left your ruins in space
There's no more jesus for his toy there's no more human race
The love of many is burning yet the memory's
still intact,
the Gods of many a different race are
planning to attack.
There's a glowing up upon the hill
that's waiting to claim the deaths of many

'Army Song'

Join the army get a gun
Join the army have some fun
Join the army get a gun
Join the army kill someone......

(c) Fight, kill, crush and maim
Gotta do all that my sergeant says......
I'm gonna kill you

Join the army its kill or be killed
Join the army and fight away
Gotta kill someone today
I'm gonna kill you

Look back to '45 Hiroshima in the war
Look to '84 this time they'll bomb us all
They'll do it again
Shower us in deadly rain

'Today and Life'

Look around the world today, What the hell
do you see?
Do you see countries in a mess? The other
ones are doing well
All the governments are the same, full of
lies and deceit
Think about the third world, what the hell
do they eat?

(c) Today and life-The nuclear dream
Today and life-Starvation
Today and life-Can't take it any more
Today and life-Is getting me down

Read the papers everyday, all I see is
death, horror rate
What kind of world have we got left where
nuclear war is out fate?
There's starvation in the third world the
Cambodians have to be fed
But what's the point in nuclear war, soon
the whole world will be dead

'Picture on the Wall'

There's a picture on the wall in front of
me ain't
It's a nightmare of my history
The picture's of the monarch well
that sweet
I bet she wants me on my knees begging at
her feet.

Just take it away before I'm sick
That upper class moron who says we're
The insubstantial morals of the government
Have a quarrel with a nation and the wars

It wants to know my thoughts and say it's
won, but let's stick together and act as
A shock to the system is what we'll be.
We'll put an end to their authority.

'Total Blackout'

The blackout's coming, It's coming to you
There's no alternative left for you
Your life is ending and It's ending now
And no one really knows quite how.

(c) First there's a roar/bang
Then there's a flash
Like two bolts of lightning
In a head on clash

Some of you might like to get high
Until there's no more room left for you to die
There's no more life left to preserve
You're like a test animal in a reserve.

What's the point of life? Have you found a key?
There's no point left except anarchy
It may sound daft but it's very near
And soon it will become very clear.

'Chinese Rock' (Thunders/Ramone/Hell)

Somebody called me on the phone
Said hey is Dee Dee home?
You wanna take a walk, you wanna go cop
you wanna go get some chinese rock

(c) I'm living on a chinese rock
All my best things are in hock
I'm livin on a chinese rock
Everything is in the pawn shop

The plaster falling off the wall
My girlfriend crying in the shower stall
Its not as a bitch, I should've been rich
But I'm just digging a Chinese ditch

'Banned Again'

That's right you've got a band
But what about the noise
Disturbing all the babies
and neighbors it'll annoy
It's not that we are mean
It's what you're all about
All you say is anarchy
and thump and bash and shout.

(c) Sorry son you can't play here
Come again try next year
Wherever we got it's just the same
"Don't want punks" is what they say.

We can't have you in the boys brigade
The bogs keep getting smashed
And as for all the sinks
kids smoking leb and hash
It's not that we are mean
All you say is anarchy
and thump and bash and shout.

The band is ripping, falling apart
That was obvious right from the start
You'll never get anywhere, not with that
You say you will but tell me how?

'Obnoxious Governing'

Help me help me, Can't you see
The system's chaining and binding me
Abdicate the monarch's rule
We suffer from hypocritical fools.

I have friends that I want to keep
I don't want them in radio-active heat
The government's the same as me and you
So why obey them like you do?

Obnoxious governing-Hypocritical folls
Obnoxious governing-We don't have to
take their rules
Democracy's a baby, you've hear it all
Too late, Autonomy's a baby that'll
overthrow the state;
There's nothing left but the system.

'Gathering of the Clans'

The subversive holocaust's just begun
The battle's started and must be won
Don't be fooled by what they say, the
scheming parasites will kill the day.

(c) It's th gathering of the clans
Who'll end the turmoil of this land
Pacifists we need you too
To rid the scum that feed of you.

Left wing, right wing, always talks,
war debates, the gang plank walk......
Skinheads or punks, to them the same
stop the pirates, fight their game.

War on the corner death on the street
God's chosen people down on theirk nees
No Harry holocaust in the sky
No more war, no reason why.

Soon to come downloads:

Last Breathe for Humanity 1983.
Side 1(Studio)
Side 2(Live)


          In the summer of 1983, two local bands called 'Scattered Remains' and 'Ancient Creation' split up and came together to form Revulsion. Revulsion was Simon Cooper on guitar and vocals, Steve Skingsley on bass and vocals and Andy Rope on drums. Previous members included vocalists Adie Grand(84,'86) and Tim Nickerson ('86, 87'). They played their first gig and began life as a three-piece at the Acle Village Hall during September of 1983.

     During January of 1984, Revulsion recorded their first demo on a 4 track in someones room. They sent their demo out to see what labels would respond. Eventually, Mortarhate and Radical Change Records got in touch with them. Next, they enlisted Adie Grand on lead vocals and played their first proper gig with him in Norwich, during August in 1984. Shortly after that gig, Revulsion recorded their second demo and had their track 'Victim' put in the 'We don't want your Fucking Poor' compilation.

     Revulsion then established a relationship with The Disrupters and Deviated Instinct, which led to them playing several shows with them. Revulsion then recorded their 'Ever get the Feeling of Utter Revulsion?' E.P. The track 'There is no Need' was placed into the 'Words Worth Shouting' compilation record. 

     Adie then left the band which led their activist friend 'Milky' Tim on vocals, but he too didn't last very long after a few gigs and one or two demos. Revulsion then remained for the rest of their life as a three-piece.

     In 1987, Revulsion released a split E.P. with Deviated Instinct called 'Consolidation'. It featured two tracks ('Out of Touch' and 'Feed the Rich at Christmas Time'). After much gigging, Revulsion began noticing the corruption within the scene. They were promoting freedom and peace by putting on gigs, but noticed several new violent faction rising up and crippling the movement.

     Revulsion then recorded some compilation tracks including 'Another Bloody War' for the 'A Vile Peace' compilation and 'World without Hate' for the 'Exclusion' compilation record.

     In 1990, Revulsion recorded their 'The only Revolution' E.P. It contained two tracks and the lyrics showed what was left of their once great scene. The band continued to record several new songs, which they felt were their best ones, but they were never recorded. In 1991, Revulsion split. There is small talk of Revulsion getting back together and recording these songs, but nothing has happened as of yet. Steve and Andy currently play in The Kaotixx.

'Out of Touch'

For pain he tortures/for pleasure he kills
This man is sadistic/callous & cruel
The brutal pain he inflicts is fucking obscene
His perverted mentality disgusts me!

The sick, immoral, bloodsucking Leech
Living in the past/out of touch

His evil savage mind is warped
For it is he that plays the Bloodsport!

'Feed the Rich at Christmas Time'

Feed the rich don't feed the poor
Cos it's spending time at the local store
Hand your money across the till
for this is the season of good will

Give and receive. Enjoy your Christmas
Spend your cash. Boost their business
It's the festive time thats full of joy
Lot's of fun for girls and boy
The profits reach an all time high
They like to sell we like to buy

Feed the rich at Christmas
At Christmas time
Drinks all round to quench your thirst
Stuff yourself until you want to burst
While for lack of food other people die
So spare a thought then turn a blind eye

Feed the rich at Christmas time
At Christmas time

'The Only Revolution'

It was the end of a year, another rotation
Yielding corruption and exploitation
Lives controlled by an imperious elite
Indifference and ignorance on the street

Now I'd think it was time for a change
Now I'd think it was time for the people to re-arrange
And learn to love
But I'd think that every year
And it seemed that every year
Was always the same

It was the end of a year, another progression
Rebellious cries made no impression
The fear of difference, a common fear
Stale resolutions, across the sphere

Now I'd think it was time for change
Now I'd think it was time for the people to re-arrange
And learn to love
But I'd think that every year
And it seemed that every year
Was always the same

Always crush the crush of tyrannical reign
The same domination again and again
Mass oppression throughout the land
The power in rich filthy hands
The passive public kept in line
With laws they dare not undermine
Shouts of protest so unheard
The web of normality undisturbed

It was the end of a year, another score
The monopoly continued from the year before
Annual suffering once more neglected
Conditions, traditions and codes, readily accepted

Now I'd think it was time for change
Now I'd think it was time for the people to re-arrange
And learn to love
But I'd think that every year
And it seemed that every year
Was always the same 

Always the want to conform and submit
To the same mindless pattern of routine shit
The end of a year, change there was none
The only Revolution, was that of the sun

'All I could see'

The first hint of violence and the tears
were there, but I held them back.
I couldn't show that I found this common
everyday aspect of life, so disturbing.
Yet I seemed to be part of a movement, that had
all the intention of being every bit as violent as
that which disturbed me then.
A movement within which I could sense a 
growing lust for physical revenge, and it
saddened me to think that it had come to this, I
believed that physical revenge could achieve
nothing, nothing but a sick and perverted kind
of self-satisfaction. I remember when I too had
felt that kind of self satisfaction, during earlier
years of my life, but that all seemed so primi-
tive now, no longer could I find any reason or 
logic in revenge. All I could see was a mindless
escape for anger and aggression, warlike and
hideously ugly.

Years passed, and naive hopes turned to naive
frustrations. All around people seemed to be 
giving up on ideas of non-violence and peaceful
action. It appeared so hypocritical, for a while it 
was becoming fashionable to justify retaliatory
violence, other instances of violence would still
be condemned. It may have been naive belie-
ving to be a part of something that could be 
known as a movement, or even believing that a
movement as such could really exist, but I was 
soon disillusioned. Now looking back it makes
me wonder what individuals could have percei-
ved to have been "moving" toward. Obviously
our visions of a common goal could not have
been the same. 


'Ever get the feeling of utter Revulsion?' 12"
'There is no Need' track from Words Worth Shouting compilation 1985
Consolidation E.P. 1987
'Another Bloody War' track from 'A Vile Peace' compilation record
'World Without Hate' track taken from the 'Exclusion' compilation record
Unreleased demo tracks from around 87/88?
'The Only Revolution' 1991

Blood Robots

     Alongside Reality Control, their good friends Blood Robots began life around early 1982. Founding members Sned and Hec(guitars and vocals/drums) were joined by Micky and Andy(vocals, bass) after placing an ad in a local record shop called Listen Ear. They were also a part of the Gateshead Music collective, which helped the bands practice, play gigs and to express themselves freely. The early days included dragging equipment down towns to gigs and struggling to find equipment. At one time, they had a member from Reality Control play bass for them temporarily. Before being in the Blood Robots, Sned and Hec used to be in a band called 'The Delicious Books' which began during March of 1981 until 1982 when The Blood Robots were born.

     Their 'Blood Robots' was taken from the title of an album title by another band called The Androids of Mu. It reflects the way people are programmed by the media and are disciplined through school, etc. It was their view of the human race. Their first gig was at the city's Spectro Arts Centre during February of 1983 with Reality Control. Sned went to the same high school as Reality Control, and they ended up living in shared house set-ups and releasing music together until around 1986. They considered Reality Control a big influence on them, and saw themselves as their 'little brother band' even though they were two years older than them.

     Blood Robots recorded their demo 'You fuel the fire and fan the flames' at the Spectro Arts Centre's eight-track studio during July of 1983. It was engineered by Micheal Barlow of Reality Control whom at the time worked at the studio. It was released on the Stepping Out Tapes label.

     It consisted of six tracks, but other versions of the tape had a second set of tracks from a live gig that was different on certain cassettes. The tape sold very well at gigs, and the band began to gig more often, meeting such acts as Chumbawamba and Alternative.

      The tape showed their melodic style and great vocals. I noticed that if you slow down the song 'Poppies' it sounds like 'smoke in the water' by Deep Purple. The tape is accompanied by a booklet which contains the track lists and lyrics to all the songs in the demo and live recordings.

     They added Richard as an additional vocalist in late 1983, but he left during the middle of 1984, crippling the Blood Robots set and forcing them to modify it. In 1984, they entered the same studio under Micheal Barlow, to release the split flexi-disc with Reality Control.

     Unfortunately, Blood Robots split soon after the release, playing their last gig in August of 1984, alongside Famous Imposter, The Sears, Kulturkampf and Idiot Clone. Apparently it had something to do with Richards premature split and the rewriting of their material because of it. Hec joined Rhombus of Doom soon after, Sned and Micky formed Generic and founded Flat Earth records, and later formed One by One. Sned now plays drums for several bands such as War all the Time and Threads. Micky now plays guitar for Jinn.


All of our pawns sent off to fight their pawns. The leaders sit in offices and sound concerned. But they think that HATE is necessary. But they think that PAIN is necessary. But they think that GRIEF is necessary. They believe that WAR is necessary. All of our pawns sent off to fight their pawns. It could be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

'Another Rainy Day'

Another rainy day, another dead soldier. Words cannot express the agony I feel. The pointless, helpless, hopeless lifelessness, The stench of death is growing stronger. The thin strand of light growing thinner still. I see the twisted and tortured. Despair in their eyes beckons me and I am useless. Let us preserve our sanity. And work for peace. Before we are drowned in this madness.

'The Valley'

White crosses poc mark the battlefield. You fuel the fire and fan the flames. You started the conflagration in the British peoples names.

The first ever world wide holocaust. Screened live in living technicolor. 3D images litter your bunker and a headless corpse falls into your shelter.

Grey scars detract from the landscape which once were rivers of blood. you worried about the damage to your equipment and not about human flesh and blood.

The first ever world wide holocaust. Screened live in living technicolor. 3D images litter your bunker and a headless corpse falls into your shelter.

Beautiful green hills flank the valley. Cruise missiles are stationed there. Your minutemen and MX systems show retention of your powers, is that all you care?

The first ever world wide holocaust. Screened live in living technicolor. 3D images litter your bunker and a headless corpse falls into your shelter.

The stench of rotting flesh permeates my consciousness like the sweet valley air polluted by plutonium plants.
The stench of rotting flesh permeates my consciousness like the sweet valley air polluted by plutonium plants.

The first ever world wide holocaust. Screened live in living technicolor. 3D images litter your bunker and a headless corpse falls into your shelter.

All the animals are infertile. The grass, and trees, they have turned black. The beaches once were silica but now they're made of glass


They honour their dead with poppies. They honor their dead with prayers. They honor their dead with promises and remember once a year. They built them a memorial. It was called a cenotaph and every 2nd sunday in november they go and spout some crap. Trident's Thatchers freudian fantasy, pay homage to their god. They'll let you live as long as they want and then they tell you STOP! They brainwash the populas into believing, That theyre the ones who're right They show them lists of figures, just regurgitated shite. They honor their dead and deprive their families. Destined for work but live on the dole. We're the ones in poverty while in money they roll. You're the new dead your their new heroes.

'Poetry Competition'

Poetry competition its a challenge of entities. Wonderful prizes but too many entries. Obey, faultless loyalty. Pray, unquestioning devotion Say, of course we love you. Hate, not a notion. Effortless Loveless timeless helpless, 3 million unsuccessful enterants, your power base has been destroyed. Your citizens annoyed Channel their energies away in the poetry competition.

'Where's the Blood?'

Wheres the blood, I want to know, Wheres the blood, I need it so, Wheres the blood, I want to eat, Wheres the blood, I need dead meat, I'll be there when deaths around, cos I keep my ear down to the ground, give me victims, good and fresh, Oh how I thrive upon their flesh. The big boys playing with their toys & the paper that supports our boys, on land or sea, or in the air, dont you worry, I'll be there, On the battlefield or on my table, I eat whenever I am able, and I dont mind how it comes of course, with mud & guts or with mint sauce.


I have this man craving to be a terrorist,
gonna build an urban bomb factory,
put the neighborhood at risk,
I might buy an armalite or even a red eye
so I can shoot the army convoy as they pass by.

I might buy a tank or a submarine
and some tactical nuclear weapons for my back yard battlefield.

Overthrow any government that you don't like,
overthrow any government as long as the price is right,
ready and willing to make a killing but I want my money tonight,
overthrow any government that you don't like.

Ever since I was a boy, I've wanted to own a gun,
I think napalm is beautiful just like the golden sun.
I used to be a regular till I joined the S.A.S.
but the money wasn't good enough so now I'm a terrorist.

I have this mad craving to devour human meat,
better pray that you're not there when it's time to eat.

Overthrow any government that you don't like,
Overthrow any government as long as the price is right.

Overthrow any government as long as the price is right.
Overthrow any government that you don't like.

"Sorry to Spoil the Illusion but...."

A gunshot sounds off echoed walls.
In Northern Ireland another falls.
Lying face down in a pool of blood,
his shattered body silent in the mud.

his mothers weeping for him at home.
She's sitting crying all alone.
tears streaming down her cheeks.
It's been the same now for weeks.

Her husband died a year ago, in an accident in a motor car.
Now she's sitting all alone, weeping for her only son.
A letter comes, it's the news that she dreads.
They've turned off the life support, her son is dead.
She collapses in grief on the kitchen floor.
She keeps on crying till she can't anymore. 

A single gunshot took his life.
It did more damage than any knife. 
She looks at his photograph again, 
and goes out into the pouring rain. 

She goes to the cemetery twice a day. 
She leaves fresh flowers on his grave.
She goes home and starts to cry. 
She's proud he was a hero but why did he have to die?

"Poppies Pontificate"

I am alone and rotting.
The corpse of war consoled by a poppy.
A red bloom of death, the rape of a flower, the core of depravity.
You say you care.
You talk of victory
and history.
your vain shame.
poppies pontificate.

"The First Day of War - The Acceptance of Reality"

The horns of Jericho scream
as the walls fall down,
and they allow another guard
to take pleasure in his job.
Humanities crushed underfoot
as they encourage the master race.
The blood flows in muddy gutters.
Morality's not convenient today.

ah, ah, ah!
ah, ah, ah!

The little child screams in agony
as the rifle cracks back his skull.
Little whimpering child
cries no more and is silent and still.
Silenced by an angry guard
and the callousness of our leaders.
The slaughter continues and nobody really cares,

ah, ah, ah!
ah, ah, ah!

but soon war will come
and morality veils colonialism.
The acceptance of what they chose to ignore
is a magnanimous admission,
but only because it suits them
to disguise their warlike actions.
They knew before about the death camps
but only now exploit them.


Leaves in an Autumn storm fly high into the air.
Picked up by the wind and dispersed without a care.

Everything in the garden
is covered up with snow.
The tree stump in the garden
is nature's only show.

The dove flutters helplessly
in a cold winter sky.
If summer doesn't come quickly,
then the dove will die.

Everything in the garden 
is covered up with snow.
The tree stump in the garden
is nature's only show. 

Leaves are swirling very high
as they obscure the dove,
and for a minute they obscure
life's true perspective.


You Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flames 1983
Within these Walls 1984
One step Ahead tape 19??
Live at the Honey suckle 9/16/83
Live at the Station 1/14/84
Gateshead Squat Gig 4/29/1984

Demo March 22nd

Reality Control

     Another very underrated band: Reality Control. Formed in late 1980, Micheal Barlow sang(later sang and played rhythm guitar), Micheal Scott played guitar(eventually sang also), Ken Fawcett on bass and Paul 'Rid' Ridly on drums(Paul had been previously kicked out, but let back in). This would become the classic Reality Control line-up. Reality Control's first gig was in Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, during April 1981. It was in a church/community hall.

     In the beginning, they practiced in bedrooms, garages and church halls. They had constant interruptions from annoyed neighbors. Equipment was hard to come by, so they had to rely on the patience of other bands and their parents. This led on until they discovered music co-ops. They had gotten involved in the Gateshead Music Collective, which helped a lot of bands in their area practice and gig.

     They then quickly hooked up with the Blood Robots. They also started a fanzine. Part of their old live set included a cover of 'Securicor' by crass, seeing as though their bassist could sing like Pete Wright. Early influences include the Damned, UK Subs, Fall, early Cure, Joy Division, P.I.L., Crass, Killing Joke and Zounds to name a few. Crass was the reason for their political awareness.

     In early 1983, Reality Control recorded their debut demo titled 'The Happy Face'. It was recorded at Newcastle's Spectro Arts Centre, with Micheal overlooking production. At the time he worked there so he was allowed to use the studio for the demo. Seven tracks were recorded, one(The War is over) which was included in Crass's Bullshit detector 3 after the band sent them a copy. Crass changed the song, changing it from five and a half minutes to two and a half.

 The tape was sold at gigs and passed around in the mail. The two Micheals and Ken where the main songwriters. The demo's lyrics showed that they were not only anti-war, but also heavily anti-religion. The band became interested in starting their own label and making an L.P., but for one reason or another it never happened. The Micheal that worked at that studio also helped the Blood Robots release their own "You Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flames' tape there.

     After the success of the demo, the owner of their local independent record shop helped them release their E.P. for Volume records. The Reproduction of Hate 7" was released, featuring some newer versions of tracks from of first demo and some new material as well. They did note that they preferred the version of 'Sunny Outlook' in the first demo more than the one in the 7". They said they played it too fast the second time.

     It was recorded at Impulse Studios in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. It was an anti-war response to the British war with Argentina over the Falklands Islands in 1982. Though the bass went out of tune around the end, the record did really well. at the time, most of the members were only 16.

     Unfortunately, bassist Ken left the band to 'pursue other things'. He was replaced by Carl Craig from local band, The Abductors. In early 1984, the band released their second demo 'While we Live in Cages'. Two tracks from the demo titled 'The Law' and 'Sugar and Spice' were included in the 'Compulsory Overtime' compilation album released by American label, 'Dasein' the following year. It also included The Blood Robots.

     In March of 1984, Reality Control released a split flexi-disc with the Blood Robots. The two bands financed and released the record themselves. Once again, Micheal was allowed to use his job's equipment to help record it. Around this time, Reality Control dropped their old set and began working on completely new material.

     However, by the time the record had just gotten out, their drummer left the band and was replaced by Alistair. Reality Control then recorded their third demo, that was never released. Afterwards, their new drummer left and was replaced by James Murphy, who had just left Alternative.

     Around the end of their time, they had an unfortunate gig where Micheal Scott broke a string on his guitar that had a locking nut, so it threw the entire guitar out of tune. Frustrated from being unable to put a new string and retune it, he then stormed off stage, but not before screaming out their poem 'Priest' so loud in frustration and anger that it caught everyone's attention.

     Reality Control played their final show at the Nottingham Narrowboat on October 10th, 1985, alongside Chumbawamba and No Defences. Afterwards, the band sort of just disappeared. There was no real rhyme or reason to the split, but some of the members had started to move out too far which led to less practicing.

     Their original bassist Ken became a teacher, Micheal Barlow became a graphic designer and photographer in the Health service. Carl became a soccer coach. As for the other members, no one knows!

'Forgive Us'


Listen to the echoes of distant gunfire.
Listen to the sound as the army tracks roll by.
But I hear no angels singing.
But I hear no beautiful music.
Do you see the Preacher man?
Do you smell money?
Pray for my forgiveness.
I pay for my sins.


Brightly polished fences on the polished marble floor.
Pay the price of forgiveness.
In the obligatory collection.
Daunted by the fixing trance of the man within the walls.
Daunted by the searing guns.
In the shadow of the crucifix.



The guts of the family stay locked away.
The family jewels are nice.
The vicar's house is big.
The vicar's house is nice!
We drink the nice wine and we always say grace.
Nobody swears-not in this house.
Have you seen the boy next door?
He is very nice, he has got short hair.
I am going for a walk in the park.
Look-that man has forgotten to kiss his wife.
It's nice living here I like it, la la la
I'm getting married tomorrow THAT'S NICE!.

'Statement from God'

Hello my name is god and I live in heaven.
You must fear me I rule all. I am the ultimate superiority.
What I saw is correct. A while ago I had a son whom I callously murdered.
He was nailed to my symbol and left to die. I did this for you to see(?)
You poor bastards. My sons blood is still on my fingers. But you'll never seem or my blood.
Fear God. He has no mercy, he is ruthless. God moves in mysterious ways. He controls mankind, he is a dictator, he has broken all the commandments because he control man and man has sinned.
He thirsts out for blood give him a sacrifice like it says in the bible, slaughter some animals.
Give him more blood. Just right now he''s getting thirsty, he wont stop the killing cos he wants more blood, wants for blood.
He killed his own son Jesus Christ because he wanted his blood. Blood of Jesus Christ is on his skin, SIN?

'Sunny Outlook'

The sun rises.
The sun falls.
An insult to the beauty of nature with more news of the WAR.

Tired limbs reaching under letterbox,
death on doorstep painted red,
black and white death on pieces of paper,
glorified death, glorified war.
Glorified war.

We as a nation have been aggressed,
our pride and joy, our empire scorned.
Our lads will fight for god, queen and country.
Do not fear young, God is on our side.

At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits. 

At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits.

We're right behind you Maggie Thatcher,
we'd call you a fucking whore bitch any other time,
but good old fashioned war is always patriotic.
What if diplomatic frustration ends with a bullet?

Twisted minds yielding humorous pen,
a sponsored missile a laugh over cornflakes.
We hate the argies but we love the war,
victory means a piss-up in a whore-house.

At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits. 

At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits. 

A requiem a new bank holiday.
Courageous heroes 
guns with bullets.
We'll give the highest possible honor which is the lowest form of guilt.

A requiem a new bank holiday.
Courageous heroes 
guns with bullets.
We'll give the highest possible honor which is the lowest form of guilt.

At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits. 
At least we got a sunny outlook to the war.
The longer the war, the larger the profits. 

'State of Emergency'

A country in mess,
a difficult problem,
a communist country,
a soviet problem.
Polish military puppets 
on Krendin strings,
some sound advice to stomp out their freedom.
To stomp out their freedom.To stomp out their freedom.
Stomp out their freedom.

Keep them in line,
cut their communications,
cut their travel,
employ a curfew,
this is a warning, A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

Military round up 
of the freedom instigators.
A country run by state police, they'll keep them well in line.
The country was a mess now we've military salvation.
Now we've military salvation. Now we've military salvation.
Now we've military salvation.

Keep them in line,
cut their communications,
cut their travel,
employ a curfew,
this is a warning, A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

They must keep the peace 
by shooting those who stray.
The military machines 
patrolling the streets, 
a brand new system, a political police state.
Political police state. Political police state.

Political police state.

Keep them in line,
cut their communications,
cut their travel,
employ a curfew,
this is a warning, A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

You think you got it cushy 
in your armchair at home, 
try to sympathize but you don't give a damn,
when it comes here, 
you'll be looking through their eyes.
Looking through their eyes. Looking through their eyes.
Looking through their eyes

Keep them in line,
cut their communications,
cut their travel,
employ a curfew,
this is a warning, A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

'The War is over'





Live(Taken from the "Religious Vomit" compilation)
The Happy Face cassette 1983
Reproduction of hate 7" 1983
While we live in Cages cassette 1984
Within these walls flexi-disc 1984
Live in 1984

Tears of Destruction

          After Polemic Attack split up, It turned into Tears of Destruction. Rob and Mike Lynch took the bass and guitar duty's. Another band, Infamy, helped provide the other members. Chris Blackman played drums, David Hedge was the second guitarist, and Rebecca Treloar joined as vocalist, and Ian Davidson as second vocalist. Another early member was a girl named Bubbles, but she didn't make it too long in the band. They played their first gig at Fareham Technical College, supporting Dirt. Tears of Destruction held many shows, helping several bands play and get their message out such as Dirt, Polemic, Ad Nauseam and 11th Commandment.

     Tears of Destruction entered Toucan Studios in Hayling Island, to record their 'Death of a Nation:part 1' Demo. It eventually got the attention of Dick Lucas from The Subhumans, and got an official release on Bluurg Tapes. Afterwards, they played several gigs, getting better and better each time, and began writing more material for a second demo(Death of a Nation:Part 2). Unfortunately, they split while they were at their highest. It happened in late 1983 due to personal reasons.

     Their two vocalists were asked to leave(they were a couple at the time), which was terrible news for them, but they had apparently 'stepped over the line'. The band tried to continue with new vocalists, but it fell apart and split. They played their last gig together(they considered it their best gig) at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, a benefit for South East Animal Liberation with Flux of Pink Indians, Omega Tribe, Andy T. and Polemic. Most of the members went onto play in several bands.


Lyrics: If anyone has any, please post them in the comments.


Death of a Nation: Part 1
Live at Crystal Rooms, Portsmouth 6 May, 1983


     Polemic started as Polemic Attack in Fareham in 1980. Crass had saved two of the members from an accident, and Crass's views inspired them to start their own band They never released anything, but recorded three strong demos. Polemic Attack were drummer Teresa Plowright, guitarist Heather 'Toxi' Todd and vocalist Gareth Richards. Even before Polemic Attack, they were named the Living Dead and a bassist named Mick Roberts, but he didn't last long. Once they changed their name to Polemic Attack, they were joined by the brothers Rob Lynch on bass, and Mike Lynch on guitar, who eventually left Polemic to form Tears of Destruction two years later. They played their first show at the Fareham Technical College.

     In 1981, two demos were recorded. The second demo version of "Manipulated Youth' Appeared in 'Bullshit Detector 2'. Sometime in 1981, Rob and Mike Lynch left, forcing Polemic Attack to make Gareth both sing and play guitar. Heather changed to a Synth bass, and Teresa remained on drums and vocals. They shortened their name to Polemic and recorded their 3rd demo in 1982(picture is old, it says Zema on Synth and artwork). Their sound was different from most of what was around since they used a synth bass. Not very many bands had a female drummer either.

     Polemic helped produce the 'Lost Faith' fanzine wihch focused on feminist, anarchist and veggie issues. They also held gigs for bands such as the band after them, Tears of Destruction, to play. Also were the bands Dirt, 11th Commandment, the Mysterons, Subhumans, and Flux of Pink Indians. Polemic also produced the anti-war fanzine 'Black Sunday'. During 1982, both Crass and the Subhumans wanted to release their first single (either Crass Records, or Bluurg tapes. The band were in more favor of the Crass one) but nothing ended up happening, and soon after Heather and Gareth left the band.

     Before they left, they played the infamous Zig Zag squat gig in December of 1982, playing between The Mob and Poison Girls. Terena tried to carry on Polemic with new members Caroline, Rich and once again Rob and Mike Lynch. However, the band found itself pulling in different directions, and Polemic split while it was still ahead.

Any lyrics would be greatly appreciated. Please post them in the comments if you have any.


First demo 1981?
Second demo 1981
Third demo 1982
Live at the Zig Zag Squat Gig 1982
Noise From Nowhere Compilation Tracks Live