Electric Picnic

My boy Cian Nugent e-mailed this to me today, so that I could inform the world of the ease with which one can scam their way into the Irish cultural phenomenon that is "leccy picnic":

"A proper lad gave this to me outside electric picnic, and he said it worked for him.

It's a piece of rubber. The real one is material."

Click the image to view the uncanny forgery in all its glory. If what Nugent's lad says is true, come September 2010 we'll all be able to watch J Mascis pummel Mundy into the ground to the sound of Basement Jaxxxxxx, yipped off of our shits.


Raidió Teilifís Éireann

The fucking boys just tore RTE a new hole. Irish television programming will never be the same again. Consider this a preparatory post before the onslaught to come.

Our fucking boy.

February 19th - Thomas House, Dublin. 9pm. 5euro. w/ Hands Up Who Wants to Die, Stanton's Grave, Daria.

February 26th - O' Loughlin's, Ferns, Co. Wexford. 9pm. Free in. w/ Sticky Digit and Five Will Die.
Come along if you live near Ferns (which you definitely don't).

February 27th - Kavanagh's, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. 3pm. 7euro. w/ We Come in Pieces, Forced Out, I Found the Killer, Anderson Mesa.
Come watch my Ma crowd-slaying.

March 27th - Somewhere in Dublin w/ Trouble Every Day, Evidence of Decay and more TBC.

April 12th - Richardson's, Galway. w/ Ironclad, Ghundi and Dublin.


April 9th - Dublin. Venue TBC. w/ Ironclad, Frustration, Famine.

May 30th - GGI Fest, Wexford. w/ Loads of great bands.


LOOSE NUT tape shouldn't be far off now.
There will probably be a small run of IN TIME tapes too very soon.


Someone please fucking follow Chris's new blog. After a week of me being the only follower he's started following himself. I don't know how or why but there you go, I don't know why he posted a blank post either.

This is essential.

Go download the shit Liamy has uploaded on his blog too.


This compilation:

blew my mind when I first heard it. Especially this song:

I don't think I've heard that song since I was a kid, still know all the words, haha.

This compilation had Discharge, Sham 69, Agnostic Front, Earth Crisis, Vision of Disorder, Snapcase and Misfits. These were still my favourite two songs;

So good, haha.

This fucking song:

is off a compilation I can't find a picture of online that I'm pretty sure came with an issue of Metal Hammer in 1999 that had Neurosis and Silverchair on it too, because I got this album on tape in Bali in 2000 after hearing this song. So ridiculous. Best solo I've ever heard though, one of the first things I learned on guitar.

I got this compilation in Port Douglas in Australia on that same holiday and it genuinely changed my life.

It has the best Rancid song (Poison), a ridiculously good Vision song (Close Minded), one of the best Osker songs (Panic), one of the best Dwarves songs (Better Be Women), two of the greatest songs ever written (fucking Guilty By Association and Hold it Down), one of my favourite Bouncing Souls songs (Kid) and shit by Zeke, Agnostic Front, Refused, ALL and NOFX. Incredible.

This was definitely still my favourite song and is still one of my favourites ever: