Even though Fallout was anti-anarcho(they were socialists), they was still connected to the scene. They hardly played live, missed several gigs, and went through some line up changes. It is almost impossible to find any information on this band, though former members being Rob Headache(drums), Rob Brainache(bass vocals, later guitar), Steve(bass) and John Eyeache(bass) have posted small comments about Fallout on other blogs and videos. There was rumor of an album that was supposed to be released on Mortarhate, but it never happened so The material was lost and never heard. One former member of the band has the album, but has yet to upload it.

Here is a quote I got from a member of Fallout:

"when SMW disbanded Charlie (the singer) went on to form Fallout-starting off as a kinda solo idea but eventually Fallout was made up of some of the members of SMW back in its fold-Rob on bass,another Rob on drums,Chalie singing and later still me on bass.I played with them at gigs in Brum/Coventry and London.I play bass on the album 'we wont be your fucking poor' and also on an unreleased Fallout album thats been sat in my loft for the last 30 years! lol.  cheers."

     Fallout's first E.P. was a self release E.P. from 1981. 

     1982 saw the release of Fallout's second E.P. titled " Salami Tactics"

     In 1983, Fallout released their very underrated "Home Killed Meat" 12"

     In 1984, Fallout released their last record titled "Butchery". In 1985, two tracks were released and put into two different compilation albums. One being " We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor" and the other being "Here We Go". It is a shame, because Fallout was a very good band and very underrated. Hopefully one day more information, pictures and possibly a retrospective release will surface.

"Passing Judgement"

Mrs do-gooder, always had her act together.
She was so clever, knocked you over with a feather.
She has got it all worked out, what parents lack, why kids freak out,
and who, who are you passing judgement on today?

Mrs Social Worker, Mr Welfare Care,
what did you learn at college, that will ever help you here?
Telling real people where they've gone wrong,
you've got to make the system work to prove that you belong.

And Who, who are you passing judgement on today?

You're so understanding, I bet your hairdo's everlasting,
double decker, family wrecker, see a doctor, go one better.
You've got the keys to all the locks, like Valium and electric shocks,
and who, who are you passing judgement on today?

There's more to you than meets the eye, like the lives you judge as the years go by,
like the lives that you dismiss, "This one's violent, he's a thief".
Your way of living must be right,
I think I've Almost seen the light,
all that knowledge, all those books,
judging people by their looks,
protect him from his alter ego,
you're the expert you should know,
all that training in your head,
you must know how good lives are lead.

Who, who are you passing judgement on today?


Fallout 7" 1981
Laughable Attack 1982
Salami Tactics 7" 1982
Home Killed Meat L.P. 1983
London Musicians Collective, London, NW1 – 22/01/83
Butchery 1984
The two compilation tracks ( From We wont be your fucking poor and Here we Go, are already in Butchery)