Dominant Patri

     Another of the lesser known bands but just as good, Dominant Patri only released a three track demo called 'Heroes Glory' and played only around a dozen shows before splitting up, but their close association with Karma Sutra, Stunning lyrics and great music was enough to bun them into 'anarcho punk' history. Dominant Patri were formed around 1982 and were vocalists Chris Jones and Kate Packwood, Steve Richards on bass, Paul 'Bugsy' Hugget on guitar, and Gary Pratten on drums. The name means 'Dominant Fortler' and comes from the latin 'In Nomine Patri' meaning our father which comes from the church. They chose it because they felt that the church was a dominant, corrupt part of society. One member of the band said 'The name says how the pope, priests and, bishops dominate the people's minds while they are at school'.

     'Heroes Glory' was recorded on June 18th, 1983, at Ludon's Midland Road Studio, on a three track. The band wanted to be tuneful and show more of an earlier punk sound, in an effort to avoid the new thrash sound that was starting to come up. They were also trying to avoid the 'anarcho' label but their connection with Karma Sutra made sure they were. Their first gig was at a wine bar and was in their opinion the 'best gig' they had ever played(10-15 gigs in all). not even a year after the band had formed, Chris's drug addiction and crazy personality caused the band to split. several of the members went on to play in a different band.

Any lyrics would be greatly appreciated in the comments section(I may have all of Heroes Glory) I have a picture of Kate to put up on top but wont be able to post it for a while.


Heroes Glory demo 1983 (This is a much cleaner version than the one on Terminal Escape)