A slice about me

This is a short break from posts to show you a current playlist of mine revealing the various genres I listen to. Punk isn't the only one.

1. State of Emergency-Reality Control
2. Intro-Tears of Destruction
3. Butchery-Sanction
4. Slogun-SPK.
5. Kundalini- 23 Skidoo
6. Bold as Love-Jimi Hendrix
7. Runaway- Del Shannon
8. Elm-The Seatbelts
9. Another Green World- Brian Eno
10. Mushroom-Can
11. Guts on the Floor-Throbbing Gristle
12. Glass Finger-Empty Quarter
13. Wladimir's March-Vlad Tepes
14. G. S. Command-Vermyapre Kommando
15. Struggling through Darkness-Alternative
16. Little Bit More-Zounds
17. Blind Reality-Youth in Asia
18. Remote Control-Toxic Shock
19. More Whitewashing-Chumbawamba
20. Wake up the Red King- Karma Sutra
21. Prisoner of Love-Rezurex
22. The Village-New Order
22. This Week-The Adicts
23. Brides of the Beast- Major Accident