This compilation:

blew my mind when I first heard it. Especially this song:

I don't think I've heard that song since I was a kid, still know all the words, haha.

This compilation had Discharge, Sham 69, Agnostic Front, Earth Crisis, Vision of Disorder, Snapcase and Misfits. These were still my favourite two songs;

So good, haha.

This fucking song:

is off a compilation I can't find a picture of online that I'm pretty sure came with an issue of Metal Hammer in 1999 that had Neurosis and Silverchair on it too, because I got this album on tape in Bali in 2000 after hearing this song. So ridiculous. Best solo I've ever heard though, one of the first things I learned on guitar.

I got this compilation in Port Douglas in Australia on that same holiday and it genuinely changed my life.

It has the best Rancid song (Poison), a ridiculously good Vision song (Close Minded), one of the best Osker songs (Panic), one of the best Dwarves songs (Better Be Women), two of the greatest songs ever written (fucking Guilty By Association and Hold it Down), one of my favourite Bouncing Souls songs (Kid) and shit by Zeke, Agnostic Front, Refused, ALL and NOFX. Incredible.

This was definitely still my favourite song and is still one of my favourites ever: